​Founder and owner Butch Olmstead.   Started the company in 1970.The former Buckeye Wrecking which is now known as American Demolition.He also owns Buckeye salvage which  has  a Little bit of everything for everyone.

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​Buckeye Wrecking which is now known as American Demolition was found in 1970 by Butch Olmstead.Tearing down anything from residential homes to industerial buildings and salvaging anything he could.He opened up Buckeye Salvage where you can find everything including the kitchen sink.We also do work for Wheeling Lake Erie Railroad.Anything from cutting crossings and putting new in to building new sidings for them.Cleaning trench lines and making new.Tearing and cutting down bridges as well.

We here at "Buckeye Salvage" have been in the salvage buisness for over 45 years.We are a premier company which specializes in everything salvagable prior to are demolition jobs.Which are residential,commercial and industrial.Our 50.000sq ft warehouse contains an all inclusive inventory of the 3.We have everything vintage to modern goods available to the genl public.We also have over 10 + acres of assorted outdoor materials.We supply doors,windows,electrical equipment (residential,comm and industrial).There is lumber,vintage lumber,steel i-beams,barn beams,sandstone,marble,kitchen and bathroom cabinets,toilets,sinks,warehouse doors,office equipment,lighting,vintage jewelry,antique and modern glassware,ventilation (both comm and res).Furnaces,air conditioners,vintage camera and fishing equipment.Antique car parts and much more.way to much to list.All you have to do is just inquire as to what are inventory holds.

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​Owner-Butch Olmstead

Buckeye Salvage

American Demolition

Buckeye Salvage/American Demolition